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      DESIRE SOURCING HUB PVT LTD is a fast flourishing and burgeoning   strategic all – encompassing procurement consulting, advisory and comprehensive sourcing company based at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India  & Lecong, Shunde District, Guangdong, China.. Purveying to booming requirements like building  materials , furniture , lights , decorations, hotel supplies , F & B, floor cover and much more from the finest fabricators , makers and manufactures from China, Hong Kong and Thailand. DESIRE smoothly assists and support in the sourcing requisites mainly for turnkey propositions such as:
Five-star hotels/ hospitality industry*  Restaurants*  Hospitals
*  Corporate offices*  Stunning mansions of high – profile clients i.e. residential & commercial real estates and various others
DESIRE targets to make sourcing effortless , accelerated , worthwhile and feasible economically .DESIRE’s service facilities comprises of factory sourcing and product sourcing in the east – Asian markets.
DESIRE’S pursuit is to connect their esteemed clientele with the best suppliers in China so that they can be rest assured that the production, assembling, finishing on the Chinese side is handled professionally and proficiently.
DESIRE acts as an extension of the clients own company by giving them satisfaction about their qualitative products. DESIRE assures delivery on time, cost-effective, skillful and expertise in its manner of conduct. DESIRE exercises in process quality control, pre-shipment inspection, price negotiation, monitoring the production schedule etc. DESIRE’s international trade assistance service helps an experienced importer or a first time importer alike.


DESIRE’s aspiration is to overture an incredible array of products and services for any style , concern and price points for all budgets. DESIRE has an unwavering passion for creating high quality, thoughtfully cerebrated and designed furniture essentials for every facet regardless. DESIRE’s core values have shaped into a brand that is known for its collection, exquisite designs , innovative and interactive business strategies and manufacturing quality.


DESIRE’s ambition is to offer a range of products and services that reflect the variety and depth of the committal made to our revere clients. Ensure availability of a wide spread assortment of shapes, sizes . DESIRE’s products and services in their own respective categories are sure to match all consumer specifications and stipulations. It has sworn to acquaint their venerate consumers to the expansive global rostrum of leading international import furniture markets for unearthing the next generation of furniture design for various instants .This shall help their clienteles to raise their benchmarks even more and enhance their brands and projects furthermore. DESIRE also rigorously stick to its state-of-the-art manufacturing unit that enables the production of flawless products as per the buyers particularization. DESIRE is devoted to turning ideas into realities. All of this shall help the clientele to keep abreast with the latest in the international market .

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